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Craig Forman excels in delivering transformative insights across a variety of formats, from compelling keynotes to engaging panels and interactive workshops. With a dynamic speaking style and a background as an accomplished People Scientist, he provides actionable strategies that inspire organizational change at all levels. Partner with Craig to elevate your event, whether through a thought-provoking keynote, a collaborative panel discussion, or a hands-on workshop. Each session is designed to catalyze meaningful change, ensuring a lasting impact on your audience and transforming your event into an unforgettable experience.

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Craig Forman is a celebrated speaker, People Scientist, and the innovative mind behind CultureC Consulting, dedicated to revolutionizing workplace cultures. Craig's speaking credentials include notable engagements such as SXSW in 2021 and 2022, and serving as the engaging MC at Culture Amp's Culture First Global conferences. His keynotes at events like the Culture Con conference and the Visit California conference, among others, stand out for their interactive nature and the profound impact on audiences.

Beyond his prestigious speaking engagements, Craig is known for his uniquely engaging presentation style. He expertly weaves interactivity into every talk, ensuring that each session is not just a lecture but a collaborative experience that invites participation and fosters a deeper connection with his audience. This approach has made Craig a sought-after speaker for workshops and conferences worldwide, where he shares actionable insights and strategies to cultivate adaptive, inclusive, and high-performing workplace cultures.

Join Craig as he guides leaders and organizations through the complexities of modern workplace dynamics, offering the tools and inspiration needed to co-create thriving work environments for today and tomorrow.

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