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Craig Forman High Performance Coach
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Unlock the potential of your organizational culture with targeted strategies that bridge ambition and real-world achievements. Our services, designed for both leaders and frontline executors, illuminate the path to enhanced performance and sustained engagement. Partner with us to turn insight into action and challenges into opportunities for growth.

Services Offered:

  • Culture Consultation: Dive into your culture’s core challenges and opportunities with focused sessions that pave the way for a high-performance culture.

  • Employee Listening Program Support: Design and implement a customized program that leverages employee feedback for meaningful organizational change.

  • Dynamic Speaking Engagements: Inspire and motivate with talks that highlight the importance of a thriving workplace culture and drive home the value of strategic cultural investments.

Meet Craig Forman.

Craig Forman, founder of CultureC Consulting, has dedicated over a decade to leveraging organizational culture as a catalyst for growth and innovation. His journey from front-line roles through his service in the U.S. Air Force to earning a Master's in Organizational Psychology has instilled a deep understanding of how intentionally designed cultures underpin organizational success.

Craig's experiences revealed that the essence of a thriving organization lies in its culture and the community it fosters. This insight, coupled with his roles at Achievers, LinkedIn, and Culture Amp, has propelled Craig’s commitment to not only transforming workplace environments but also building strong, engaged communities within them.

Today, Craig excels in strategic support, facilitation, experience design, and community building, guiding companies toward cultures that drive business success. His work at CultureC Consulting positions him as a pivotal figure for organizations seeking comprehensive cultural transformation.

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Didier Elzinga | CEO,
Culture Amp

"If you're looking to move the needle when it comes to People & Culture, Craig's blend of expertise and passion is a game changer"

Claude Silver | Chief Heart Officer,
Vayner Media

"If you want to build the workplace needed for today along with an amazing culture, then Craig’s the person to help get there."

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