Craig Forman, a trailblazer in cultural innovation, stands out as an acclaimed keynote speaker and a major contributor to the transformative Culture First community. His expertise in melding data-driven strategies with insights from organizational psychology has positioned him as a pivotal figure in sculpting dynamic, inclusive, and productive workplaces.

Through his significant role in the Culture First global conference and impactful contributions at industry leaders like LinkedIn and Culture Amp, Craig has spent over a decade at the forefront of workplace environment transformation. His journey from the Air Force to becoming a renowned culture expert and people scientist imbues him with a unique understanding of organizational dynamics.

Craig's influence reaches across hundreds of organizations and leaders, including some of the world's most recognized brands. His podcast and workshops anchor the cultural transformation movement, drawing a global audience committed to fostering environments where creativity, productivity, and happiness are foundational.

Blending strategic insights with a human-centric approach, Craig offers actionable solutions to today's workplace challenges. His dedication to bridging strategy with humanity marks him as an essential ally for any organization striving to cultivate a culture of innovation and inclusivity.


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Raised in Orlando, FL, by a Vietnam veteran, small business owner father, and a hairstylist mother, my early years were marked by change and resilience, particularly after my parents' separation. This period, filled with moves and adjustments, sharpened my ability to connect and empathize, skills that later became my foundation. After high school, I explored various jobs, each offering lessons that shaped my view on work and life. Eventually, I joined the Air Force as a Spanish Linguist, which exposed me to diverse cultures, igniting a passion for teamwork and leadership dynamics.

My six-year tenure at Culture Amp was a defining phase in my career, deeply influencing my approach to workplace culture. As a People Scientist, I explored the depths of employee engagement and performance, setting the stage for CultureC Consulting. These experiences honed my professional skills and enriched my perspective on creating engaging human-focused work environments. I carry these insights into my work with organizations globally, aiming to cultivate spaces where creativity and productivity thrive together.

Music deeply resonates with me, both as a lifelong musician and a fan of live performances. My guitar and the energy of live shows bring immense joy and expression into my life, reflecting my belief in the power of harmony. Alongside my wife JoAnne and our two daughters, music and meaningful work harmonize to create the soundtrack of my life, driving me to make the world of work better, one note at a time.

Guiding Principles of Me and My Work


What fills me with profound pride in my consultancy isn't just the success or the impact I make. It's the freedom to align my life with my core values: integrity, authenticity, continuous growth, and fostering deep, honest connections.

This freedom enables me to pursue work that enriches lives, including my own. It allows for openness in challenging conversations, creativity in authentic spaces, and continuous exploration and learning. It's about creating an environment where we can realize our full potential, blending professional development with personal growth.

I'm convinced that a fulfilling life is rooted in these values, aimed at improving not just ourselves but those around us. If you're seeking a partnership that emphasizes integrity, genuine engagement, and making a positive, lasting impact, then our paths align. Let's journey together towards a meaningful life and impactful work. 

Let's Work Together
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